It's easy to call yourself a bankruptcy law firm

But it takes a lot to do it right.  At Coons and Crump, we have spent decades refining our system.  Give us a call and put our expertise to work for you.

Expanded Hours
Bankruptcy attorneys who will work evenings and after hours to make scheduling easier. We understand that not everyone can make a regular office hours appointment and we try to accommodate our clients so they miss as little work as possible.
Bankruptcy attorneys who carefully plan and explain your case with your needs in mind. We explain the how and why of your case. We explain the practical issues and the theoretical ones as well.
System of Success
Our bankruptcy firm is more than just one person – it is a set of ideas, systems, and people designed to provide you with the best possible outcome for your case.
No Money Down Options
We file most of our cases without any attorney fee paid upfront. The majority of our cases are Chapter 13 bankruptcies with the attorney fees paid through a plan over time. In Missouri you will need to pay the filing fee in advance.
Customer Service
We believe in customer service and responsiveness. We have excellent staffing – our paralegals have a combined 50+ years of working with bankruptcy cases and we have additional support staff to help run the office.
Credit Counseling
We have a service that provides both classes to our clients with online as well as over the phone options. We cover the upfront cost of the classes and recoup that cost through the case.
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